Fleet vehicle CCTV plus a compleat Safety solution   

When one of your fleet is involved in a road accident, conflicting accounts of events or a lack of witnesses are common problems in determining who may be at fault. With commercial vehicles, more often than not, when it is involved in an incident, the potential claims for damage is significantly greater for larger vehicles.

Front-facing camera footage is now widely accepted in court cases for road accident claims, helping to protect drivers and operators from false accusations. Multi-camera setups, including rear and blind spot mounted cameras can improve driver manoeuvrability and safety, whilst also keeping vehicles compliant with road safety laws and specific contractor requirements, such as FORS, Costain & Crossrail.

Most fleet operators aim to obtain FORS Silver for their fleet. A FORS silver accreditation is awarded to operators who maintain their Bronze accreditation and are able to demonstrate that they have developed driver licencing verification systems, their vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are equipped with a left turn audible warning system and their vehicles are fitted with blind spot minimisation devices.

The FORS silver standard requires that all vehicles in the fleet utilise a high quality camera monitoring system to minimise blind spots around the vehicle (near side and at the rear) while manoeuvring. This will almost completely eradicate the possibility of killing or seriously injuring a vulnerable road user (pedestrian or cyclist), safeguarding drivers against avoidable accidents drastically improving the safety of the fleet.

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